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Basic Evaluation

Reactive Dog Evaluation

Private one on one sessions with the trainer is an excellent opportunity to resolve specific behaviors with your dog in obedience or get feedback on your handling skills in agility. Obedience sessions can be held at our facility (pricing and packages vary). Please schedule an evaluation with a trainer to determine your private session training plan. We offer a variety of private training sessions:


Single Sessions: 30 minute sessions are one time and require no follow up. These are best for supplementary puppy training, extra help with an obedience behavior, or learning the weaves or teeter in agility, etc. We also offer 4 - 30 minute sessions for more complex behavior modification work.

Rescue Dog Package:  This package consists of 8 - 30 minute privates at a discount for recently adopted rescue dogs that need additional support. The training plan is tailored to the owner and dog's needs and can include crate training, house training, solutions for fear related to other dogs or people, nipping, jumping, and more.

Evaluation for Classes:  This basic evaluation is for dogs interested in joining our group classes. We will evaluate for best class placement including obedience and agility. We will discuss previous training history and any challenges the owners are facing. We can also answer questions about how our classes work.

Behavior Modification Evaluation:  This evaluation is best for:

  • Dogs that bark or lunge in a variety of settings (people, dogs, sibling dogs, wildlife, guests in the home, etc.)  

  • Dogs that suffer from anxiety in the home or other environments

  • Dogs that resource guard

  • Dogs having difficulty with children in the home

  • Owners struggling to handle dog on leash

To get started, please schedule an EVALUATION.

Private Evaluation
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