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Is your dog experiencing alone time distress - barking, destruction, in home peeing/pooing? We have a Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer to help you. Look forward to a calm dog when you are away!



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Separation Anxiety

What it is: A panic disorder. Data suggests 20%-55% of dogs show some signs of separation anxiety. Your dog is not alone!

Why does it happen: A lot of research has been done but no specific cause has been established. There may be a genetic component as well as environmental conditions. Owners are not to blame!

How do we fix it: A systematic and planned slow desensitization protocol tailored to your specific dog's behavior.


What does it entail:  We use technology to watch the dog to create a baseline of their behavior. Daily homework four days a week (about 20-30 minutes a day) with a live reassessment weekly. Minimum 4 week package to start to see results.

How long does it take: We cannot guarantee results but the training protocol has been very successful. Think in terms of months not years!

Ready to help you and your dog? Give us a call to schedule a FREE consultation.

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